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requirement on S-CDMA technique can be relaxed significantly. Although the added coherent clipping carrier provides an excellent OBI suppression capability and a large system DR, it consumes a significant amount of R F driving power to laser A. Conversely, it is conjectured that the clipping carrier can suppress OBI more effectively than the S-CDMA signal.(More)
In this letter we not only show improvement in the performance but also in the reliability of 30nm thick biaxially strained SiGe (20%Ge) channel on Si p-MOSFETs. Compared to Si channel, strained SiGe channel allows larger hole mobility (μh) in the transport direction and alleviates charge flow towards the gate oxide. μh enhancement by 40% in SiGe and 100%(More)
Consisting of features that are more complex, higher level, or less perceptual, e.g. \look more normal." Linked: Consisting of connected abstract and concrete features, e.g. \added more detail such as teeth." They found that subjects in the theory group produced more abstract and linked rules compared to the standard group. The speci c results are shown in(More)
Immunostimulatory activity of AC II, a registered ayurvedic preparation prepared at Amala Ayurvedic Research Centre for treating HIV and AIDS is reported. AC II administration could significantly enhance the mitogen-induced proliferation of lymphocytes of spleen cells. It was also found to increase cell-mediated immune responses in normal and tumor-bearing(More)
  • Jouw T. LoNSoAtn, oJ Teras, Austin, Teras, PEfrA BLANCA SPRING
  • 2007
The Petra Blanca Spring meteorite iell August 2, 1946, in the swimming pool at the headquarters of the Gage Ranch near Marathon in Brewster County, Texas. Twenty-four people were within a few hundred feet of the point of fall, and one person saw the meteorite in flight. Many interesting incidents were accurately reported. Approximately 70 Kg. (155 lbs.) of(More)
  • Justin Autode, Ki Toront, +5 authors Nrc Canada
  • 2012
Georg Autode 210 Ki Toront George C ract ogy is an interact onships between r use of citations. T rs published at AC 010, and the 11,6 ection is drawn be it referenced from dual paper, the re ly tree " of sorts, s enced papers whic ll descendant gen iteolog tive visualization t research publicati The sample corpus CM CHI and UIST b 699 citations betw tween(More)
Image from iStock.com/Palto. Sexual dimorphism can be seen at many levels across the animal kingdom. In humans, it is still surrounded by much controversy and myth. While many sex-specific differences are remarkably obvious, others are subtle, complex, or even puzzling. Psychological and socio-cultural factors can also play a role by heavily influencing the(More)
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My Alarm goes off at 6.30am and I lie in bed working out that I can doze for another 15 minutes before I have to get up. Well, I try despite the best efforts of early morning, suburban Baghdad. Generators cranking up - there has been yet another power cut - and the rattle and rumble of a couple of Apache helicopters. The turtledoves in the tree next to my(More)