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Neuropsychological and behavioral status were examined in 57 children aged 7 to 16 years with complex partial seizures (CPS) and compared with 27 sibling control children of the same age. Epilepsy had a significant effect on both cognitive and behavioral adjustment measures. Children with CPS had significant impairment across all seven cognitive domains(More)
PURPOSE To examine the long-term psychosocial outcomes of a consecutive series of patients who underwent anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) compared with medically managed patients. This study focused primarily on actual long-term changes (mean, 5 years) in life performance. There are relatively few long-term controlled studies of actual lifetime performance(More)
Purpose. The goals of this work were to determine: (1) the nature and extent of differences in self-reported psychiatric symptoms between patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and matched healthy controls, (2) the relationship between chronicity (duration) of temporal lobe epilepsy and comorbid interictal psychiatric symptoms, and (3) the impact of comorbid(More)
This article briefly presents one approach to conceptualizing known and suspected risk factors for co-morbid psychiatric disorder in epilepsy. The utility of this model is then reviewed by examining selected neurobiologic, psychosocial, and iatrogenic risk factors for a common co-morbid psychiatric disorder, interictal depression. Finally, data are(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship of preoperative fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG)-PET asymmetry in temporal lobe metabolism and memory outcome after anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL). METHODS In a university-based epilepsy surgery center, 60 ATL patients (27 left, 33 right) were divided into two groups: no/mild (n = 21) or moderate/ severe (n = 39) asymmetry(More)
Object-naming impairment is common among temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) patients, but other aspects of semantic memory have received limited attention in this population. This study examined object-naming ability and depth of semantic knowledge in healthy controls (n = 29) and patients with early onset TLE (n = 21). After administration of the Boston Naming(More)
Repeated activation of neural pathways by kindling induces brief seizures, permanent increases in seizure susceptibility, neuronal loss in the hippocampus, and mossy fiber sprouting in the dentate gyrus. Because kindling induces permanent cellular alterations in hippocampal pathways that have been implicated in memory, it was of interest to determine if(More)
PURPOSE To determine the relationship between negative symptoms, psychosocial function and quality of life in temporal lobe epilepsy. METHODS 23 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy with negative symptoms were matched on gender, age, years of education, duration and age of epilepsy onset with 23 temporal lobe epilepsy patients exhibiting no negative(More)
We retrospectively studied the outcome of anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) among a population of veterans and evaluated outcome related to comorbidities. Veterans who underwent ATL between 1990 and 2001 at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, were included. Data related to postoperative seizure outcome, quality of life outcome, and(More)