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Digital PCR enables the absolute quantitation of nucleic acids in a sample. The lack of scalable and practical technologies for digital PCR implementation has hampered the widespread adoption of this inherently powerful technique. Here we describe a high-throughput droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) system that enables processing of ~2 million PCR reactions using(More)
In the nervous system the influx of Ca2+ orchestrates multiple biochemical and electrical events essential for development and function. A major route for Ca2+ entry is through voltage-dependent calcium channels (VDCCs). It is becoming increasingly clear that the precise contribution VDCCs make to neuronal function depends not only upon their specific(More)
The application of enzymatic staining techniques, using tetrazolium dyes, to aldehyde-treated brain sections has revealed the presence of NADPH-diaphorase activity attributed to nitric oxide synthase. When evaluating the specificity of the putative guanylyl cyclase inhibitor LY 83583, a robust and novel staining pattern was noted in epithelial, endothelial,(More)
Dopamine (DA) is oxidized to the neurotoxic prooxidant species H2O2, OH., and DA quinones. We tested whether dimethyl fumarate (DMF), an electrophile shown to induce a pleiotropic antioxidant response in nonneuronal cells, could reduce the toxicity of DA metabolites in neural cells. Treatment of the N18-RE-105 neuroblastoma-retina hybridoma cell line with(More)
The switch from budding to filamentous growth is a key aspect of invasive growth and virulence for the fungal phytopathogen Ustilago maydis. The cyclic AMP (cAMP) signaling pathway regulates dimorphism in U. maydis, as demonstrated by the phenotypes of mutants with defects in protein kinase A (PKA). Specifically, a mutant lacking the regulatory subunit of(More)
We have prepared a series of biotinylated analogs of omega-conotoxin (omega CgTx) as potent, selective markers for N-type calcium channels. At pH 9.5, reaction of omega CgTx with amidocaproylbiotin succinimidyl ester gives three biotinylated conjugates, labeled at lysines 2 or 24, or at both positions. Kinetic competition assays of 125I-omega CgTx binding(More)
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