Austin J Kirk

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Dietary restriction feeding extends survival in a range of species but a detailed understanding of the underlying mechanism is lacking. There is interest therefore in identifying a more targeted approach to replicate this effect on survival. We report that in rats dietary supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid, has markedly differing effects on lifetime(More)
This study discusses the surgical aspects of permanent cardiac pacemakers with reference to a ten-year review involving 628 procedures. The most suitable route for electrode placement was found to be subclavian vein puncture, access being achieved in 97% of cases. This method was however, associated with a small incidence of pneumothorax (1.4%) and(More)
In a prospective study of 100 women with known gastro-oesophageal reflux 77% suffered to some extent from symptoms resulting from it during sexual intercourse (called here "reflux dyspareunia"). A simple treatment plan of explanation and conservative measures was used, and this produced improvement in 61 of the 77 patients.
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