Austin Garza

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We investigated the effect of nutrient intake on glucose metabolism in normal Mexican-Americans (n = 6) and European-Americans (n = 6). Subjects were studied after an 18-h fast and after 5-6 h of ingestion of hourly meals that supplied 6.35 or 12.75 micromol glucose. kg(-1). min(-1). Endogenous glucose production (EGP), gluconeogenesis (GNG), and(More)
We describe a case of a patient with gastrointestinal bleeding arising from a jejunal tumor which was identified by capsule endoscopy after standard modalities and conventional endoscopy failed to localize the bleeding. Intraoperative endoscopy was used to guide surgical excision of the lesion, which was noted by microscopic and immunohistochemistries to be(More)
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