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In vitro metabolic stability experiments using microsomes or other liver preparations are important components in the discovery and lead-optimization stages of compound selection in the(More)
This article presents an analytical approach that used chemical derivatization to enhance mass spectrometric (MS) response in electrospray ionization (ESI) mode of 1-hydroxypyrene (1-OHP), a commonly(More)
In the present work, for the first time, a liquid chromatographic method with tandem mass spectrometric detection (LC-MS/MS) for the simultaneous analysis of norethindrone, and ethinyl estradiol, was(More)
Isoniazid and cetirizine do not retain well on reversed-phase columns due to their high polarity. Silica columns, when operated under hydrophilic interaction conditions, do provide excellent(More)
Bioanalytical support of plasma pharmacokinetic (PK) studies for drug discovery programs primarily involves the quantitative analysis of dosed compounds using liquid chromatography/atmospheric(More)