Austin Bauer

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In human neuroblastomas, the distal portion of 1p is frequently deleted, as if one or more tumor suppressor genes from this region were involved in neuroblastoma tumorigenesis. Earlier studies had identified a smallest region of overlapping deletion (SRO) spanning approximately 23 cM between the most distally retained D1S80 and by the proximally retained(More)
The distal portion of chromosome 1p is frequently deleted in several human cancers, suggesting the presence of one or more putative tumor suppressor genes on this chromosomal arm. In human neuroblastoma, a consistently deleted region at 1p36.1-p36.2 has been defined by comparison of molecular loss of heterozygosity (LOH) analyses. Recently we described the(More)
The institutionalization of an academic discipline in the university system is a complex process influenced by several intra- and extrascientific, personal and economic factors. Starting with pathological anatomy at the beginning of the 19th century, we analysed its development from a subsidiary to a fully established discipline. We ascertained different(More)
Scientific relations in Internal Medicine between German-speaking countries and the United States were characterized by various stages during the last hundred and twenty years. From 1870 to the First World War German medical research and teaching as well as the competitive German university system were regarded as a model for US Medical Schools. After World(More)
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