Aussadavut Dumrongsiri

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We study a dual channel supply chain in which a manufacturer sells to a retailer as well as to consumers directly. Consumers choose the purchase channel based on price and service qualities. The manufacturer decides the price of the direct channel and the retailer decides both price and order quantity. We develop conditions under which the manufacturer and(More)
The focus of this study is customer behavior during the process of booking a hotel through online travel agencies (OTAs). We developed a stochastic programming model to design the optimal sequence of hotels that enables customers to find hotels at the minimum search cost and maximum utility gained from hotels. The number of available hotels in the sequence(More)
Web-based technologies have created numerous opportunities for electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) communication. There are many factors that affect customer adoption and decisionmaking process. However, only a few researches focus on some factors such as the membership time of forum and propensity to trust. Using a discrete-time event simulation to simulate a(More)
We developed a mixed integer linear programming model for an integrated decision problem of production, inventory, and transportation planning. Our model combines the direct shipment into the production, inventory, and distribution planning. The objective was to minimize the total operation cost which is comprised of production setup cost, inventory holding(More)
Westudy a dual-channel supply chain under decentralized setting in which manufacturer sells to retailer and to customers directly usingan online channel. A customer chooses the purchase-channel based on price and service quality. Also, to buy product from the retail store, the customer incurs a transportation cost influenced by the fluctuating gasoline(More)
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