Ausilah A. Al-Fraihat

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This paper highlights a new detection method based on higher spectral analysis techniques to distinguish the Electrocardiogram (ECG) of normal healthy subjects from that with a cardiac ischaemia (CI) patient. Higher spectral analysis techniques provide in-depth information other than available conventional spectral analysis techniques usually used with ECG(More)
Technically, a feature represents a distinguishing property, a recognizable measurement, and a functional component obtained from a section of a pattern. Extracted features are meant to minimize the loss of important information embedded in the signal. In addition, they also simplify the amount of resources needed to describe a huge set of data accurately.(More)
-Some evidences have been found that urine can be used as a biomarker for the detection of many types of diseases. The purpose of this study is to use permittivity of urine to assess whether different stages of breast cancer are significantly different. Changes in electrical resistance of urine samples to applied microwaves were measured over a frequency(More)
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