Ausias Garrigós

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Integrated particle sensors have been developed using thin-film on ASIC technology. For this purpose, hydrogenated amorphous silicon diodes, in various configurations, have been optimized for particle detection. These devices were first deposited on glass substrates to optimize the material properties and the dark current of very thick diodes (with(More)
Ion engines, also known as electrical propulsion, are used more and more in space applications due to its higher power density and its lower contamination risk than with chemical propulsion. One of its characteristics is that it needs a very stable power supply. This paper proposes a solution for the BepiColombo mission to Mercury. Electrical propulsion(More)
This paper presents the application of the parallel power processing strategy to the Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator for its use with high parasitic capacitance solar arrays. The main idea consists in dividing the complete solar array into two types of sections, low power sections and high power sections. The controller has been devised in such a way(More)
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