Aurore Tabellion

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Several reports suggest that consumption of red wine is associated with a lower risk of stroke. We investigated the chronic effect of red wine polyphenols (RWP) on the functional and structural characteristics of cerebral arterioles in chronic hypertension, which is an important risk factor of stroke. Spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHR) were treated with(More)
We studied the effect of age on the response of aortic rings to injury produced by three days' incubation, and the mechanism of this response. Five-mm rings of the thoracic aorta isolated from Wistar rats were incubated or not in culture medium. Isometric contraction evoked by agonists (norepinephrine or serotonin) or high [K(+)](e) was determined in the(More)
Incubation of aortic rings in a culture medium produces phenomena similar to those observed with aging, i.e. oxidative stress and inflammation leading to increased nitric oxide (NO)-mediated dilation and decreased arterial sensitivity to vasoconstrictor agents. We evaluated whether melatonin protects aortic rings from such a decrease in vasoreactivity. Two(More)
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