Aurore Jaumard-Hakoun

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Ultrasound imaging of the tongue and videos of lips movements can be used to investigate specific articulation in speech or singing voice. In this study, tongue and lips image sequences recorded during singing performance are used to predict vocal tract properties via Line Spectral Frequencies (LSF). We focused our work on traditional Corsican singing(More)
Studying tongue motion during speech using ultrasound is a standard procedure, however automatic ultrasound image labelling remains a challenge, as standard tongue shape extraction methods typically require human intervention. This article presents a method based on deep neural networks to automatically extract tongue contours from speech ultrasound images.(More)
This article describes the development of a platform designed to visualize the 3D motion of the tongue using ultrasound image sequences. An overview of the system design is given and promising results are presented. Compared to the analysis of motion in 2D image sequences, such a system can provide additional visual information and a quantitative(More)
A new contour-tracking algorithm is presented for ultrasound tongue image sequences, which can follow the motion of tongue contours over long durations with good robustness. To cope with missing segments caused by noise, or by the tongue midsagittal surface being parallel to the direction of ultrasound wave propagation, active contours with a(More)
A. Jaumard-Hakoun, S. K. Al Kork, M. Adda-Decker, A. Amelot, L. Buchman3, G. Dreyfus , T. Fux, P. Roussel, C. Pillot-Loiseau, M. Stone, B. Denby Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France Signal Processing and Machine Learning Lab, ESPCI-ParisTech, Paris, France 3Phonetics and Phonology Lab, CNRS UMR 7018, University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle Vocal(More)
We present our preliminary developments on a biofeedback interface for Western operatic style training, combining performance and result biofeedback. Electromyographic performance feedbacks, as well as formant-tuning result feedbacks are displayed visually, using continuously scrolling displays, or discrete post-trial evaluations. Our final aim is to(More)
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