Aurore Bleuzen

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In a previous study we have shown that take into account the quasi-cyclostationary properties of the blood Doppler signal is useful to detect embolus (red blood cell aggregates). In this latter approach, we have first considered a simple "off-line" synchronous detector. As results were very interesting, we have thought that the correlation spectrum could be(More)
Relation between cerebral emboli occurrence and stroke has been suggested these last years. Emboli detection has then become a constant concern while monitoring cerebral vascular pathologies. This detection is based on analysis of embolic TransCranial Doppler (TCD) signal. In practical experiments, most of detected emboli are big-size emboli ones, because(More)
In recent years, a relationship has been suggested between the occurrence of cerebral embolism and stroke. Ultrasound has therefore become essential in the detection of emboli when monitoring cerebral vascular disorders and forms part of ultrasound brain-imaging techniques. Such detection is based on investigating the middle cerebral artery using a(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility of using a contrast agent for the sonographic examination of adnexal tumors and identify discriminating parameters in the preoperative diagnosis of malignant tumors. METHODS We conducted a prospective descriptive monocenter study that analyzed validated echographic criteria and parameters(More)
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