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Patients chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi develop chronic Chagas' heart disease (cChHD). Their Ab response is suspected to be involved in the cardiac pathogenesis. Reactivity of serum Abs from these patients has been extensively studied but little is known about the diversity of the in vivo IgG repertoire. We analyzed 125 variable H chain (VH)(More)
The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Great ape genetic diversity and population history. IGG generated genome libraries and produced the genome sequence associated with this project. All authors contributed to data interpretation. JP-M, PHS, EEE and TM-B drafted the(More)
1 Introducción En la última década, las necesidades de información sobre las características y condiciones de las personas con discapacidad se han incrementado considerablemente a raíz de la promoción de una perspectiva de la discapacidad basada en los derechos humanos y de los cambios o transformaciones demográficas y epidemiológicas que vive la población(More)
A simply method to study how arterial blood pressure values rise and fall during the till test, which is the tool universally used to evaluate people with faint episodes. Not only what is happening but how, that is calculating the angle and longitude of the arterial blood pressures ramps. This is accomplished from smoothed versions of the series of systolic(More)
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