Aurora Martín López

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Age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) is a clinical entity which was originally described to define memory problems linked to normal aging. Apolipoprotein E and ACE genes have both been associated with cognitive impairment in aging and dementia. The purpose of this study was to investigate memory and executive functions in AAMI according to the genetic(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The objective was to determine the characteristics of horizontal head-shaking nystagmus of peripheral origin and its relationship to vestibular dysfunction. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case series. METHODS Eighty-three patients met the inclusion criteria of having peripheral and unilateral vestibular disease. Patients were tested(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the relation between the location of focal visual field defects and optic disk damage in eyes with glaucoma by short-wavelength automated perimetery and confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy. METHODS In 14 patients (14 eyes) with open-angle glaucoma, focal optic disk damage, and focal visual field loss, we obtain visual fields with(More)
The rat prostate comprises dorsal, ventral and lateral lobes that are morphologically and biochemically distinct. Lesions to these structures are expected to affect the quality of the ejaculate and male fertility. In experiment 1, we analyzed ejaculate parameters of males that had chemical lesions of the dorsal or ventral lobes. At pre-lesion and at 5 and(More)
The aim of this magnetic resonance imaging study was to find a geometrical characterization of the deeper part of the corpus callosum. Its shape was studied in 12 middle-aged persons free of white matter pathology. Profiles of curvatures were measured showing that this surface was close to a minimal one, especially at the genu and near the splenium. To(More)
Fifty six patients among whom 39 had white matter diseases had MRI of the brain comparing FLAIR sequence to a conventional proton density sequence. Flair sequence allowed to detect 18 additional hypersignal (HS) that were not present on T2 sequence. These HS were located in the periventricular areas for 5 of them, near the cortical sulci in 10, and in the(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the length and depth of the calcarine sulcus are associated and can be used for estimating the size of the primary visual area (area 17) and other regions in MR images of the human occipital lobe. METHODS The length and depth of the calcarine sulcus and the projection areas of the mesial surface of the occipital lobe and of(More)
In this report, we establish that DM-Segphos copper(I) complexes are efficient catalysts for the enantiose-lective borylation of para-quinone methides. This method provides straightforward access to chiral monobenzylic and dibenzylic boronic esters, with enantiomeric ratios up to 96:4, using a commercially available chiral phosphine. Standard manipulations(More)
Despite a growing clinical interest in determining the heart rate recovery (HRR) response to exercise, the limits of a normal HRR have not yet been well established. This study was designed to examine HRR following a controlled maximal exercise test in healthy, physically active adult men. The subjects recruited (n = 789) performed a maximal stress test on(More)