Aurora Fernández-Cañadas Morillo

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AIM To investigate the effect intrapartum oxytocin administration can have on Primitive Neonatal Reflexes. The secondary objective was to observe the influence of intrapartum oxytocin may have on breastfeeding. METHODS Twenty healthy primiparae with a single gestation at term were included. To assess Primitive Neonatal Reflexes, video film was taken(More)
AIM Several synthetic peptide manipulations during the time surrounding birth can alter the specific neurohormonal status in the newborn brain. This study is aimed at assessing whether intrapartum oxytocin administration has any effect on primitive neonatal reflexes and determining whether such an effect is dose-dependent. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cohort(More)
AIM The consequences that intrapartum administration of hormones can have on breastfeeding are unclear. The aim of the study is to determine if synthetic intrapartum oxytocin, used routinely for induction/stimulation, has a relationship to initiation/duration of breastfeeding. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a cohort study that was carried out in a(More)
AIM To analyze the association of labor and sociodemographic factors with cessation of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) at 3 and 6 months of life. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective cohort study (n = 529) was performed in a tertiary hospital with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) award. Labor and sociodemographic factors were investigated.(More)
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