Aurora Fabry-Wood

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Pathogen detection is an important problem in many areas of medicine and agriculture, which can involve genomic or transcriptomic signatures or small-molecule metabolites. We report a unified, DNA-based sensor architecture capable of isothermal detection of double-stranded DNA targets, single-stranded oligonucleotides, and small molecules. Each sensor(More)
Most druggable targets are membrane components, including membrane proteins and soluble proteins that interact with ligands or receptors embedded in membranes. Current target-based screening and intermolecular interaction assays generally do not include the lipid membrane environment in presenting these targets, possibly altering their native structure and(More)
We report a versatile microsphere-supported lipid bilayer system that can serve as a general-purpose platform for implementing DNA nanotechnologies on a fluid surface. To demonstrate our platform, we implemented both toehold-mediated strand displacement (TMSD) and DNAzyme reactions, which are typically performed in solution and which are the cornerstone of(More)
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