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Jet injectors may transmit blood-borne infections, such as hepatitis B virus (HBV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). To evaluate the safety of an anticontaminant disposable device which protects the jet injector apparatus, 22,714 healthy subjects were intradermally inoculated (38,162 inoculations) with a variety of vaccines. All the subjects were(More)
The immunogenicity and the reactogenicity of an unadsorbed Tetanus vaccine, intradermally administered in man as a booster immunization associated or not with lyophilized Typhoid vaccine, were comparatively studied. There were no differences in postvaccinal reactions between the Tetanus vaccine administered alone or associated with Typhoid vaccine as well(More)
A lyophilized, heat-killed, phenol preserved typhoid vaccine (5 x 10(8) cells) suspended in 0.1 ml unadsorbed concentrated tetanus vaccine (10 Lf) was administered in man by intradermal route. This association of the two vaccines resulted in milder postvaccinal reactions: moreover, the immunological properties of typhoid vaccine, as certified by the passive(More)
Enteric vaccines are currently administered in man either orally or parenterally, each vaccination route having its advantages and disadvantages. In an attempt to cumulate the favourable effects of the two immunization methods a combined (oral-intradermal) anti-S.typhimurium and anti-S.typhi vaccination scheme was applied in mice. For comparison reasons,(More)
A new type of concentrated unadsorbed Tetanus vaccine was administered in animals by intradermal route, associated or not with Typhoid vaccine. The results of the laboratory tests demonstrated that this vaccine is innocuous and produces minimal reactions. A single doses of Tetanus vaccine inoculated in guinea pig or rabbit resulted in a relevant titer which(More)
In an attempt to accelerate the antitetanic vaccine-induced immune response necessary particularly in subjects with tetanigenic wounds, groups of guinea pigs or rabbits were i.d. or s.c. immunized with a nonadsorbed purified and concentrated toxoid. Concomitantly, lots of control animals were i.m. immunized with tetanic vaccine adsorbed on aluminium(More)
Many studies have been conducted, mainly in a university environment, and researchers have identified both advantages and disadvantages of e-learning. Very little is known about the applicability and suitability of e-learning to vocational and skills-based training. The research presented in this paper evaluates an adaptive e-learning model (INNOVRET) which(More)
This paper provides an overview of the linkage of two pedagogical approaches, Skills-based Learning and Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) supported by software. In linking these approaches, adaptive skills-based learning tools based on a psycho-pedagogical competence model, were assigned to a cyclic SRL process-model. The INNOVRET project provides the(More)
Intradermal immunization of 229 chronic neuropsychic patients in Gura Ocnitzei Sanatorium, Dîmbovitza County, where a typhoid fever outbreak burst, was performed with a freeze-dried typhoid vaccine, suspended in purified and concentrated tetanic anatoxin. Adverse reactions were minimal and immunologic response, evaluated by laboratory tests, was good,(More)
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