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Boiling is the most common method of household water treatment in developing countries; however, it is not always effectively practised. We conducted a randomized controlled trial among 210 households to assess the effectiveness of water pasteurization and safe-storage interventions in reducing Escherichia coli contamination of household drinking water in a(More)
The indicator used to measure progress toward the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for water is access to an improved water supply. However, improved supplies are frequently fecally contaminated in developing countries. We examined factors associated with Escherichia coli contamination of improved water supplies in rural Pisco province, Peru. A random(More)
The breast cancer screening programmes (BCSP) are very controversial at the present time. They are evaluated by different socio-economic sectors, each with its own particular point of view. Large numbers of breast cancer cases are concentrated in the Oncology Services, which are, therefore, sensitive to the changes that these programmes could bring about.(More)
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