Aurora Bueno

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The characteristics of strains of Salmonella isolated in wastewater were compared before and after treatment with activated sludge (conventional sewage treatment). Of the 21 strains studied, 11 came from raw wastewater and 10 from treated water. Our objective was to determine if the treatment affected all serotypes to the same extent, and whether it had an(More)
The presence of diabetes in pregnancy leads to hormonal and metabolic changes making inappropriate intrauterine environment, favoring the onset of maternal and fetal complications. Human studies that explore mechanisms responsible for changes caused by diabetes are limited not only for ethical reasons but also by the many uncontrollable variables. Thus,(More)
Glucose homeostasis is controlled by endocrine pancreatic cells, and any pancreatic disturbance can result in diabetes. Because 8% to 12% of diabetic pregnant women present with malformed fetuses, there is great interest in understanding the etiology, pathophysiological mechanisms, and treatment of gestational diabetes. Hyperglycemia enhances the production(More)
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