Aurona Gerber

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Metamodels are abstractions that are used to specify characteristics of models. Such metamodels are generally included in specifications or framework descriptions. A metamodel is for instance used to inform the generation of enterprise architecture content in the Open Group’s TOGAF 9 Content Metamodel description. However. the description of metamodels is(More)
Web portal software is relatively easy to set up and populate from the perspective of the end-user, but it leaves the back-end database devoid of subject domain semantics due to the requirement for a generic implementation. This approach seriously hampers effective search capabilities to retrieve relevant information. Ontology-based data access (OBDA)(More)
A key constraint for growing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is the business skills required to grow the enterprises through the stages of transformation. Criticism against growth stage models for SMEs is of concern, since these models contain the typical knowledge that appeals to managers of small enterprises as guidance in how to manage growth. In(More)
The architecture of a system is an indispensable mechanism required to map business processes to information systems. The terms architecture, layered architecture and system architecture are often used by researchers, as well as system architects and business process analysts inconsistently. Furthermore, the concept architecture is commonplace in(More)
The debate ensues as to whether the traditional focus of computing research on theory development and verification and therefore has adequate immediate practical relevance. Despite increasing claims of the potential of design science research (DSR) to enhance the utility of the IT artifact and consequently practical relevance of research, many computing(More)
In this paper, we discuss the advantages of using formal medical ontologies to enhance health information systems. In particular, we consider the suitability of the medical ontology Snomed CT for enhancing a health information system developed in the OpenMRS framework. We propose ways in which Snomed CT can be linked to an OpenMRS application, based on our(More)
Today, and for the foreseeable future, organizations will face ever-increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty. Many believe that enterprise architecture (EA) will help organizations address such difficult terrain by guiding the design of adaptive and resilient enterprises and their information systems. This paper presents the “Grand Challenges” that(More)
The immense growth in mobile technology has opened various opportunities, both in marketing and in MCommerce applications. The growth in these applications is according to the system of systems concept through which technologies such as cell phone networks are becoming integrated with other systems such as the Internet. Unfortunately, this may also lead to(More)