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Extraction of discriminative features from salient facial patches plays a vital role in effective facial expression recognition. The accurate detection of facial landmarks improves the localization of the salient patches on face images. This paper proposes a novel framework for expression recognition by using appearance features of selected facial patches.(More)
This correspondence proposes a novel nonlinear adaptive algorithm named as filtered-s least mean square (FSLMS) algorithm for multichannel active control of nonlinear noise processes. A reduced complexity FSLMS algorithm using filter bank approach is also suggested. The performance of the proposed algorithm is validated through computer simulations for(More)
Speech emotion recognition is one of the recent challenges in speech processing and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in order to address various operational needs for the real world applications. Besides human facial expressions, speech has been proven to be one of the most precious modalities for automatic recognition of human emotions. Speech is a(More)
—The design of an extended complex Kalman filter for the measurement of power system frequency has been presented in this paper. The design principles and the validity of the model have been outlined. A complex model has been developed to track a distorted signal that belongs to a power system. The model inherently takes care of the frequency measurement(More)
OBJECTIVE Network analysis of electroencephalograph (EEG) signals to study the effect of fatigue and sleep deprivation in human drivers and its validation using blood biochemical parameters. METHODS We present a new method of detection of human fatigue and sleepiness by studying the variation of functional interdependencies among EEG signals from various(More)
Onboard monitoring of the alertness level of an automotive driver has been challenging to research in transportation safety and management. In this paper, we propose a robust real-time embedded platform to monitor the loss of attention of the driver during day and night driving conditions. The percentage of eye closure has been used to indicate the(More)
Facial expression analysis is one of the popular fields of research in human computer interaction (HCI). It has several applications in next generation user interfaces, human emotion analysis, behavior and cognitive modeling. In this paper, a facial expression classification algorithm is proposed which uses Haar classifier for face detection purpose, Local(More)