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It was analyzed the forms of renin produced by a mouse immortalized mesangial cell line (MIC) and their ability to generate angiotensin II (AII). The synthesis, localization and secretion of renin and AII by MIC were evaluated under conditions of normal (10 mM) or high (30 mM) glucose concentration. Two major bands of 35 kDa and 70 kDa were observed in(More)
Accumulation of HSP70 is related to the cytoprotection. It was evaluated whether hyperosmotic stress induces HSP70 accumulation in LLC-PK1 cells, and protects cells against toxicity provoked by cisplatin (Cis) and cyclosporine A (CyA). Cells were maintained in isosmotic (Iso) or hyperosmotic (H) culture medium for 24 h and then exposed to Cis or CyA for an(More)
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