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At the core of Machine Learning (ML) analytics is often an expert-suggested model, whose parameters are refined by iteratively processing a training dataset until convergence. The completion time (i.e. convergence time) and quality of the learned model not only depends on the rate at which the refinements are generated but also the quality of each(More)
Background Quicksort was introduced by C.A.R. Hoare in 1960. Divide and conquer algorithm procedure Quicksort(Array A) pivot ← arbitrary element in A partition A into elements ≤ and > pivot // hope that parts are about the same size Quicksort(≤ part of A) Quicksort(> part of A) end procedure Background Worst case running time is Θ(n 2) Background Worst case(More)
RESEARCH SUMMARY Large-scale Machine Learning systems and applications My current research is focused on developing distributed system frameworks for large-scale Machine Learning applications.
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