Aurelio Ponz

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This paper presents the IVVI 2.0 a smart research platform to foster intelligent systems in vehicles. Computational perception in intelligent transportation systems applications has advantages, such as huge data from vehicle environment, among others, so computer vision systems and laser scanners are the main devices that accomplish this task. Both have(More)
Driving Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving applications require trustable detections. These demanding requirements need sensor fusion to provide information reliable enough. But data fusion presents the problem of data alignment in both rotation and translation. Laser scanner and video cameras are widely used in sensor fusion. Laser provides(More)
Spatial synchronization refers to similarity in temporal variations between spatially separated populations. Three mechanisms have been associated with the spatial synchrony of populations: Moran effect, dispersal and trophic interactions. In this study, we explored the degree of spatial synchrony of three wader species populations (Pied Avocet,(More)
Plastic intake by marine vertebrates has been widely reported, but information about its presence in continental waterfowl is scarce. Here we analyzed faeces of waterbirds species (European coot, Fulica atra, mallard, Anas platyrhynchos and shelduck, Tadorna tadorna) for plastic debris in five wetlands in Central Spain. We collected 89 faeces of shelduck(More)
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