Aurelio López

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Age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) is a clinical entity which was originally described to define memory problems linked to normal aging. Apolipoprotein E and ACE genes have both been associated with cognitive impairment in aging and dementia. The purpose of this study was to investigate memory and executive functions in AAMI according to the genetic(More)
We report the characteristics of relapse, treatment response, and outcomes of 145 elderly patients with multiple myeloma in first relapse after front-line treatment with VMP or VTP. Reappearance of CRAB symptoms (113 patients) and more aggressive forms of disease (32 patients) were the most common patterns of relapse. After second-line therapy, 75 (51.7%)(More)
Myophosphorylase deficiency, or McArdle disease, is an uncommon entity. The gene for human myophosphorylase has been cloned and is located on chromosome 11, in keeping with the autosomal recessive nature of the disease and there is an excess of male patients. The diagnosis is established by documentation of elevated glycogen content and reduced(More)
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