Aurelio Diaz-Martin

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AIMS It has been demonstrated that increased clusterin expression is involved in malignant progression and that anticlusterin treatment leads to selective apoptosis. The aim of this study was to determine the clinicopathological significance of clusterin expression in human colorectal carcinomas. METHODS AND RESULTS The expression of clusterin was(More)
OBJECTIVE We present the case of a patient who sustained a gunshot wound; the projectile was located in the knee and was arthroscopically removed. CLINICAL CASE A 31 year-old patient sustained a gunshot wound in the right thigh, right hand and left knee. X-rays revealed the presence of a projectile in the knee, thigh and hand. The projectile was(More)
We report a 8-year-old boy with two month history of pain and stiffness in his left lower extremity. On x-ray, MRI and scintigraphy examinations a lytic lesion affecting the body and posterior arc of his third lumbar vertebral become evident. The tumour was excised through a double, anterior and posterior approach; spinal fusion with posterior(More)
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