Aurelie Pastant

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BACKGROUND The Montpellier cancer institute phase II trial started in 2004 and evaluated the feasibility of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) technique given as a sole radiation treatment for patients with an excellent prognostic and very low recurrence risk. METHODS Forty-two patients were included between 2004 and 2007. Inclusion criteria were patients(More)
The purpose of this study is first, to evaluate the influence of locating the horizontal transverse axis of rotation of the mandible, both kinematically and conventionally, and second, to determine the influence of the thickness of the wax check-bite, as obtained in the centric relation, upon the functional analysis of the occlusion. The results show that(More)
The object of our research is to compare clinically and objectively three articulators: -- the Dentatus, semiadjustable articulator which employs dynamico-static records -- the T.M.J., fully adjustable articulator which employs dynamico-cinematic stereographic endobuccal records -- the Denar, fully adjustable articulator which employs dynamico-cinematic(More)
A new semi-adjustable Arcon articulator is reported. It is an evolutive device that can be set with two different types of condylar housings. - A Type: adjustable condylar guidance, preadjusted Bennett angle at 13 degrees - B Type: adjustable condylar guidance, adjustable Bennett angle. It is possible to set on this B type fossa assembly another Bennett(More)
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