Aurelie Nguyen Dinh Cat

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Potential benefits of statins in the treatment of chronic kidney disease beyond lipid-lowering effects have been described. However, molecular mechanisms involved in renoprotective actions of statins have not been fully elucidated. We questioned whether statins influence development of diabetic nephropathy through reactive oxygen species, RhoA and Akt/GSK3(More)
The study of adipose tissue and more specifically of adipocytes is considered pivotal for dissecting molecular mechanisms responsible for alterations in several organs and systems, including adipose tissue, not only in obesity but also in other diseases (hypertension, heart failure). Adipose tissue is a complex tissue composed of adipocytes and the stromal(More)
OBJECTIVE Hypertension is associated with perivascular inflammation and increased collagen deposition in adventitia. MicroRNAs (miR) are a novel mechanism for gene expression regulation and play a pivotal role in a wide range of pathological processes such as vascular fibrosis.The role and mechanism of miRs in this irreversible process are still unknown. (More)
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