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Based on the time-harmonic far field model for small dielectric inclusions in 3D, we study the so-called DORT method (DORT is the French acronym for " Diagonalization of the Time Reversal Operator "). The main observation is to relate the eigenfunctions of the time-reversal operator to the location of small scattering inclusions. For non penetrable(More)
We investigate the transient temperature rise in a composite sandwich structure induced by a stationary, dithering, or rotating laser beam. We restrict our study to the composite sandwich structure with carbon fiber as skin materials and honeycomb as core materials. Our numerical simulations indicate that the maximum temperature rise behaves as a quadratic(More)
The goal of this paper is to establish Hölder estimates for the solutions of a certain parabolic system related to Maxwell's equations. Such an estimate is employed to get the local Hölder continuity of the magnetic field arising from Maxwell's equations in a quasi-stationary electromagnetic field, provided the resistivity of the material is continuous in(More)
Crystals are solids in which the molecules are arranged in clearly defined 3D patterns. Liquid crystals are substances whose constituent molecules retain the spatial regularity of solid crystals, but, at the same time, have the freedom of motion of molecules of a conventional liquid. Common usage of liquid crystals includes household appliances such as(More)
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