Aurel Vlaicu

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Watching the evolution of the Semantic Web (SW) from its inception to these days we can easily observe that the main task the developers face while building it is to encode the human knowledge into ontologies and the human reasoning into dedicated reasoning engines. Now, the SW needs to have efficient mechanisms to access information by both humans and(More)
Many existing works in face recognition are based solely on visible images. The use of bimodal systems based on visible and thermal images is seldom reported in face recognition, despite its advantage of combining the discriminative power of both modalities, under expressions or pose variations. In this paper, we investigate the combined advantages of(More)
Liver segmentation from computer tomography scans is a topic of research interest, as the acquisition and inter-patient variability make the automatic segmentation difficult. The current trend is to improve the accuracy and to reduce the computational complexity of the segmentation, as this is essential for the diagnostic and for 3D rendering. We propose a(More)
ing and Indexing Aims and Scope: Acta Technica Napocensis:Civil Engineering & Architecture provides a forum for scientific and technical papers to reflect the evolving needs of the civil and structural engineering communities. The scope of Acta Technica Napocensis: Civil Engineering & Architecture encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following areas:(More)
The performance evolution of the computers enabled us to efficiently build and exploit software platforms dedicated to research on color image indexing and classification. This paper presents a method for unsupervised image indexing using as main classification feature the color distribution of true color images. The goal of the paper is to evaluate and(More)
217 Abstract — The gold standard for the quantitative evaluation of steatosis is liver biopsy, but this is an invasive method. The recent trend is to investigate and develop novel non-invasive hepatic tissue evaluation methods, able to give performances close to biopsy, one of the possible solutions being ultrasound image analysis. Finding the most suitable(More)
Dams are very important economical and social structures that have a great impact on the population living in surrounding area. Dam surveillance is a complex process which involves data acquisition and analysis techniques, implying both measurements from sensors and transducers placed in the dam body and its surroundings, and also visual inspection. In(More)
Medical volume segmentation in various imaging modalities using real 3D approaches (in contrast to sliceby-slice segmentation) represents an actual trend. The increase in the acquisition resolution leads to large amount of data, requiring solutions to reduce the dimensionality of the segmentation problem. In this context, the real-time interaction with the(More)
The development of computer-aided solutions able to suggest the right facial makeup is a recent trend in image analysis applications, from which both amateurs and professionals could benefit significantly. The global harmony of a person is highly valuable when choosing makeup colors to make a person looking lovely. The global harmony is evaluated taking(More)