Aurel Schneider

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Transport effects in the methanol oxidation reaction (MOR) were investigated using nanostructured Pt/glassy carbon (GC) electrodes and, for comparison, a polycrystalline Pt electrode. The nanostructured Pt/GC electrodes, consisting of a regular array of catalytically active cylindrical Pt nanostructures with 55 +/- 10 nm in diameter and different densities(More)
The role of mesoscopic mass transport and re-adsorption effects in electrocatalytic reactions was investigated using the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) as an example. The electrochemical measurements were performed on structurally well-defined nanostructured model electrodes under controlled transport conditions in a thin-layer flow cell. The electrodes(More)
The role of transport and re-adsorption processes on the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), and in particular on its selectivity was studied using nanostructured model electrodes consisting of arrays of Pt nanostructures of well-defined size and separation on a planar glassy carbon (GC) substrate. The electrochemical measurements were performed under(More)
Over the last decade, warm dark matter (WDM) has been repeatedly proposed as an alternative scenario to the standard cold dark matter (CDM) one, potentially resolving several disagreements between the CDM model and observations on small scales. Here, we reconsider the most important CDM smallscale discrepancies in the light of recent observational(More)
The dark energy dominated warm dark matter (WDM) model is a promising alternative cosmological scenario. We explore large-scale structure formation in this paradigm. We do this in two different ways: with the halo model approach and with the help of an ensemble of high-resolution N-body simulations. Combining these quasi-independent approaches leads to a(More)
Detecting dark matter as it streams through detectors on Earth relies on knowledge of its phase space density on a scale comparable to the size of our Solar System. Numerical simulations predict that our galactic halo contains an enormous hierarchy of substructures, streams and caustics, the remnants of the merging hierarchy that began with tiny Earth-mass(More)
Merger trees follow the growth and merger of dark-matter haloes over cosmic history. As well as giving important insights into the growth of cosmic structure in their own right, they provide an essential backbone to semi-analytic models of galaxy formation. This paper is the first in a series to arise from the Sussing Merger Trees Workshop in which 10(More)
This paper concerns the operation of the actuator for a prototype micro-engineered mechanical palpation device for deployment via a cystoscope to measure the dynamic mechanical properties of the prostate gland in vivo. The subassembly consists of a 400x200 microm silicon (Si) piston manufactured using deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) housed within an(More)