Aurel Popescu

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Human centrin 2 (HsCen2), a member of the EF-hand superfamily of Ca2+-binding proteins, is commonly associated with centrosome-related structures. The protein is organized in two domains, each containing two EF-hand motifs, but only the C-terminal half exhibits Ca2+ sensor properties. A significant fraction of HsCen2 is localized in the nucleus, where it(More)
Structural genomics is a new approach in functional assignment of proteins identified via whole-genome sequencing programs. Its rationale is that nonhomologous proteins performing similar or related biological functions might have similar tertiary structure. We used dye pseudoaffinity chromatography, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and mass(More)
This paper reports the solution conformation and calmodulin binding of a 43-residue peptide from the calmodulin-binding domain of Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase. The peptide (P225-267) was synthesized and 15N-labeled at specific amino acids. It binds calmodulin with an equilibrium dissociation constant of 25 nM. Assignment of the NMR spectrum of the(More)
FKBP59 is a protein usually associated with heat-shock protein hsp90 and steroid receptors. The N-terminal domain of the rabbit liver protein (149 amino acids) has a sequence homology with FKBP12, binds FK506 immunosuppressor, and has a peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity. The three-dimensional structure of this domain (FKBP59-I) was determined(More)
The crystal structure of Escherichia coli adenylate kinase (AKe) revealed three main components: a CORE domain, composed of a five-stranded parallel beta-sheet surrounded by alpha-helices, and two peripheral domains involved in covering the ATP in the active site (LID) and binding of the AMP (NMPbind). We initiated a long-term NMR study aiming to(More)
This paper presents a synthesis of mutagenic potential of a few pesticides. Cytotoxicity tests, using plant test systems in vivo, such as Allium cepa, are validated by the similar results performed in animal testing in vitro. Cytogenetic tests are usefulness for identifying and evaluating the damaging effects of pesticides present in various concentrations(More)
Due to their extreme popularity as fresh cut flowers and garden plants, and being used extensively for landscaping, tulips undergone a continuous process of selective breeding. For almost nine decades, classical cytogenetic studies, mainly the chromosome counts, have been an important part in the breeding programme for polyploid tulips. The efficiency of(More)
The cytogenetic effects exerted by the systemic fungicide mefenoxam and copper hydroxide (the active ingredients of Ridomil Gold Plus 42,5 WP fungicide) were studied in root tips of Allium cepa L. A progressive concentrationand time-related inhibition of the mitotic activity of meristematic cells was observed. The mitotic index was minimum (3.38%) at the(More)
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