Aurel Mironescu

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PURPOSE Intravaginal or extravaginal spermatic cord torsion is a diagnostic challenge for the surgeon and radiologist. Color Doppler sonography can be inaccurate, leading to dangerous false-negative results. To date, no single reliable test has been able to provide 100% diagnostic accuracy. The direct visualization of the twisted cord during emergency high(More)
BACKGROUND Supernumerary breast or polymastia is a well documented anomaly of the breast, and commonly presents along the embryonic milk line extending between the axilla and groin. However, cases of polymastia have been recorded in the face, vulva, and perineum. The clinical significance of these anomalies include their susceptibility to inflammatory and(More)
INTRODUCTION The WHO surgical checklist is a universal tool which has been shown to reduce surgical morbidity and mortality and improve patient safety; however, simply implementing a checklist in a hospital may not lead to its utilisation. We aim to evaluate completion of this checklist, and to investigate problems in compliance and methods for improving(More)
INTRODUCTION Papillary cystadenoma of the prostate is a rare benign tumor that affects the prostate gland. It is usually a large size tumor and is located between the rectum and the urinary bladder. The benign nature of the tumor is suggested by the clear delimitation from vicinity organs. The patient usually presents with obstructive voiding symptoms,(More)
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