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Changing Welfare Regimes in East and Southeast Asia: Crisis, Change and Challenge
The Asia-Pacific region is a latecomer to the development of the welfare state. However, in some countries, governments have implemented ambitious programmes to extend social security systems and toExpand
Unrest in South Thailand: Contours, Causes, and Consequences Since 2001; Strategic Insights, V. 6, issue 2 (February 2005 )
Introduction Historically speaking, the Kingdom of Thailand is no stranger to armed conflict with insurgent groups. Between the 1960s and the 1980s, the government fought an armed communistExpand
From transition to defective democracy: mapping Asian democratization
This article undertakes a systematic inquiry of democratic development in Asia. It shows two main trends of democratization in south, south-east and north-east Asia. First, in most of the democraciesExpand
Democratization and Civilian Control in Asia
PART I Conceptualizing Civilian Control oft he Military Explaining Civilian Control of the Military in New Democracies PART II South Korea. Purges and Presidential Prerogatives Taiwan. From MartialExpand
Culture, Identity and Conflict in Asia and South- east Asia
Summary This essay analyzes cultural conflicts in Asia with particular emphasize on Southeast Asia. Cultural conflict is defined as those domestic, inter-state or transnational political conflicts inExpand
Monopolizing, Mutualizing, or Muddling Through: Factions and Party Management in Contemporary Thailand
In democracies throughout the world, intra-party factions manifest themselves in parties and governments. Formal and informal institutions have, however, proved crucial in managing factionalism. ThisExpand
Theorizing civilian control of the military in emerging democracies: agency, structure and institutional change
This article integrates insights from historical institutionalism and arguments of strategic action in order to develop a new conceptual and theoretical approach to explaining changes inExpand
Party system types and party system institutionalization
This article is an overview of the types and level of institutionalization of party systems in seven young democracies in East and Southeast Asia. By applying Alan Siaroff’s typology of partyExpand
Performance and persistence of autocracies in comparison: introducing issues and perspectives
Authoritarianism research has evolved into one of the fastest growing areas in comparative politics and political economy. However, the newly awakened interest in autocratic regimes goes hand in handExpand
Civil Society and Competitive Authoritarianism in Malaysia
This article looks at the development of civil society in Malaysia under competitive authoritarian rule. It focuses on three main questions: What role does civil society play under competitiveExpand