Aurel Croissant

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The continued popularity of organic and natural foods has generated interest in organic milk, and use of pasture for dairy cattle is a requirement for organic production. This process may improve the health benefits of fluid milk via increases in the unsaturated fatty acid content, including conjugated linoleic acid. Because pasture-based (PB) systems vary(More)
The flavor of whey protein concentrates (WPC 80) and whey protein isolates (WPI) was studied using instrumental and sensory techniques. Four WPC 80 and 4 WPI, less than 3 mo old, were collected in duplicate from 6 manufacturers in the United States. Samples were rehydrated and evaluated in duplicate by descriptive sensory analysis. Duplicate samples with(More)
The increasing use and demand for whey protein as an ingredient requires a bland-tasting, neutral-colored final product. The bleaching of colored Cheddar whey is necessary to achieve this goal. Currently, hydrogen peroxide (HP) and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) are utilized for bleaching liquid whey before spray drying. There is no current information on the(More)
Studies of multiparty elections in authoritarian regimes have proliferated in recent years. Nevertheless, the available evidence remains inconclusive in terms of when, where, or why elections work to sustain or undermine authoritarian rule. The contributions to the special issue “State Capacity, Elections and the Resilience of Authoritarian Rule” argue that(More)
Comprehensive food flavor analysis requires a multidisciplinary approach. This article presents a comprehensive review of the relationship between sensory and instrumental analysis in the research of food flavor. Common practices for aroma flavor compound isolation, separation, and identification are discussed with strengths and weaknesses of the respective(More)
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