Aurea Martínez

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In this paper we solve a constrained optimal control problem related to the location of the wastewater outfalls in a sewage disposal system. This is a problem where the control is the position and the constraints are non-convex and pointwise, which makes difficult its resolution. We discretize the problem by means of a characteristics-Galerkin method and we(More)
Al~traet--The industrial sterilization of canned foods is a process in which there usually occurs a degradation of the nutrients and a deterioration of the qualitative properties due to the temperature to which the food is overexposed in order to assure sterilization. In this work we face the problem using optimal control methods. Linear constraints on the(More)
We describe the layout and results of the final WDM-SCML label swapping demonstrator of the IST-LABELS project. Some key technologies were employed or design optimised to perform specific functions into the demonstrator: advanced fibre Bragg gratings devices for the SCML packet generation and optical prefiltering. Header electronic processing unit and RF(More)