Aurawan Imsombut

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Semantic relations are an important component of ontologies that can support many applications e.g. text mining, question answering, and information extraction. Automatic semantic relation extraction system is a crucial tool that can reduce the bottleneck of knowledge acquisition in the ontologies construction. In this paper, we present a statistical(More)
AGROVOC is a multilingual thesaurus developed and maintained by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Like all thesauri, it contains some explicit semantics, which allow it to be transformed into an ontology or used as a resource for ontology construction. However, most thesauri, AGROVOC included, give very broad relationships that(More)
Ontology is an essential resource to enhance the performance of Information Processing system such as information integration, document classification in taxonomies, including information retrieval and data cleaning in database system. This paper proposes three methodologies for Automatic Thai Ontology Construction and Maintenance from technical corpus,(More)
Knowledge management systems have often been considered as a means for sharing knowledge among communities of users. The key of success of knowledge sharing in the field of agriculture is using sharing agreed terminologies such as ontological knowledge especially in multilingual aspects. This paper proposes a workbench for collaborative ontological(More)
Ontology is a collection of concepts and their interrelationships, which provide an essential resource to enhance the performance of Information Processing system. Creating ontology by the expert is an expensive task and it is endless task for ontology maintenance since its content relies on user requirement. It is also the fact that information in the real(More)
The critical issue in ontology construction is to extract concepts and identify ontological relations both in taxonomic and other semantic relations. In large and various domains, this task can be time-consuming and costly. In this paper, we propose the methodology to discover semantic relations embedded in Thai NPs in order to enrich the existing domain(More)
This paper proposes an alternative technique to perform ontology population by using natural language processing and machine learning techniques. This study conceptually considers the population task as classifying terms into ontological subcategories. The proposed technique adopts the recognition method named Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) to identify(More)
s of Chapters in the Book I. Fundamental Aspects I.1. The Lexical Representation of Knowledge: A multi-disciplinary perspective Editors This an original overview paper by the editors that establish the frame of reference for research on NLP using ontology and lexical resources. In essence, we adopt a mental lexicon approach where knowledge is lexically(More)
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