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PURPOSE To evaluate the accuracy of reduced-dose abdominal computed tomographic (CT) imaging by using a new generation model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) to diagnose acute renal colic compared with a standard-dose abdominal CT with 50% adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR). MATERIALS AND METHODS This institutional review(More)
Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is considered a painful procedure with significant blood loss. The aim of the this study was to determine whether local infiltration analgaesia (LIA) (with long-acting local anaesthetics and epinephrine) during THA could reduce acute postoperative pain, improve early recovery and reduce per- and postoperative bleeding. One(More)
Duodenal covered self-expandable metal stent (cSEMS) can be used in malignant or benign gastroduodenal obstruction. The need for biliary stenting in patients with no concomitant biliary stricture, before duodenal cSEMS placement, remains unknown. The aim of this study was to determine whether cSEMS placement is responsible for biliary obstruction. This is a(More)
BACKGROUND Right ventricular function is a strong determinant of prognosis in severe pulmonary hypertension. METHODS The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic value of estimates of right ventricular function obtained by echocardiography and Doppler tissue imaging and of functional class and 6-min walk distance (6MWD) in 142 patients with either(More)
Heart failure (HF) is a major public health issue. This study conducted a real-life analysis of the impact of clinical characteristics and medical management of HF on its prognosis. Analysis was based on the EGB (“Echantillon Généraliste des Bénéficiaires”) database. A cohort comprising 1825 adult patients with a first admission for HF between 2009 and 2011(More)
Phase angle as measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis reflects fat-free mass. Fat-free mass loss relates to worse prognosis in chronic diseases. Primary aim of this study was: to determine the association between fat-free mass at intensive care unit admission and 28-day mortality. Ten centres in nine countries participated in this multicentre(More)
Krebs von den Lungen 6 antigen (KL-6) has been shown to be a useful biomarker of the severity of Respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis. To assess the correlation between the clinical severity of acute bronchiolitis, serum KL-6, and the causative viruses, 222 infants with acute bronchiolitis presenting at the Pediatric Emergency Department of Estaing(More)
PURPOSE We made a descriptive survey to assess the outcome of elderly patients discharged from a hospital psychiatric service after a suicide attempt (rates of overall mortality and repeat attempts), to identify the factors that had a significant impact on their survival and to determine patient characteristics. METHODS Fifty-nine suicide attempters over(More)
AIMS Angiography has limited value for identifying the causes of stent thrombosis (ST). We studied a large cohort of patients by optical coherence tomography (OCT) to explore ST characteristics and mechanisms. METHODS AND RESULTS A prospective multicentre registry was screened for patients with confirmed ST. Optical coherence tomography was performed(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the role of neuropathy in persistent pain after thoracotomy, combining a clinical follow-up and a psychophysical examination of the operated area. METHODS Seventy-three patients were followed and examined at their discharge from hospital, 6 weeks and 4 months after pneumonectomy under thoracotomy. Spontaneous and evoked pain was(More)