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An in vitro comparative study was conducted in order to evaluate the effects of an air-abrasive system on dental implant surfaces. Eight new titanium dental implants, four standard machined implants (machined group), and four standard plasma-sprayed implants (plasma-sprayed group) were selected for investigation. Both neck and body surfaces of the implants(More)
A new world, digital image ratio (DIR), has been developed for directly measuring changes in alveolar bone. The image on the computer monitor represents the relative mass change between two radiographs. Fourier filtering is used to reduce noise artefacts. This method is validated through an experiment with a step wedge. DIR needs only a preliminary(More)
CODYRUN is a multi-zone software integrating thermal building simulation, airflow, and pollutant transfer. A first question thus arose as to the integration of indoor lighting conditions into the simulation, leading to a new model calculating natural and artificial lighting. The results of this new daylighting module were then compared with results of other(More)
As reported in a previous paper (1) we have developed a new technique, Digital Image Ratio (DIR), which theoretically avoids some of the drawbacks of quantitative digital substraction radiography. DIR allows the direct computation and visualization of bone-mass-ratio changes. This second paper describes the use of DIR analysis to examine 20 sites in 8(More)
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