Aurélien Fouillen

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A specialized basal lamina (sBL) mediates adhesion of certain epithelial cells to the tooth. It is distinct because it does not contain collagens type IV and VII, is enriched in laminin-332, and includes three novel constituents called amelotin (AMTN), odontogenic ameloblast-associated (ODAM), and secretory calcium-binding phosphoprotein proline-glutamine(More)
The epithelial ameloblasts are separated from the maturing enamel by an atypical basement membrane (BM) that is enriched in laminin 332 (LM-332). This heterotrimeric protein (α3, ß3 and γ2 chains) provides structural integrity to BMs and influences various epithelial cell processes including cell adhesion and differentiation. Mouse models that lack(More)
Helicobacter pylori is an important cause of gastric pathologies and persistent infection can lead to stomach cancer. Virulent H. pylori strains encode a type IV secretion system responsible for translocation of the oncogenic CagA protein into cells of the gastric mucosa. Gene HP0522 encodes the essential component Cagδ (Cag3), and we show by gel filtration(More)
While topography is a key determinant of the cellular response to biomaterials, the mechanisms implicated in the cell-surface interactions are complex and still not fully elucidated. In this context, we have examined the effect of nanoscale topography on the formation of filopodia, focal adhesions, and gene expression of proteins associated with cell(More)
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