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We report the observation of efficient steering of a 855 MeV electron beam at MAMI (MAinzer MIkrotron) facilities by means of planar channeling and volume reflection in a bent silicon crystal. A 30.5  μm thick plate of (211) oriented Si was bent to cause quasimosaic deformation of the (111) crystallographic planes, which were used for coherent interaction(More)
A bent lithium niobate strip was exposed to a 400-GeV/c proton beam at the external lines of CERN Super Proton Synchrotron to probe its capabilities versus coherent interactions of the particles with the crystal such as channeling and volume reflection. Lithium niobate (LiNbO3) exhibits an interplanar electric field comparable to that of Silicon (Si) and(More)
Silicon/germanium flat/bent crystals are thin devices able to efficiently deflect charged particle GeV-energy beams up to a few hundreds of μrad; moreover, high intensity photons can be efficiently produced in the so-called Multi-Volume Reflection (MVR) and Multiple Volume Reflections in One Crystal (MVROC) conditions. In the last years, the research(More)
A graded Si(1-x)Ge(x) crystal has been manufactured for operation with high-energy protons to excite coherent interactions of the particles with the crystal such as channeling and volume reflection. The crystal had the shape of a parallelepiped though its (111) atomic planes were curved at a radius of 25.6 m because of the graded Ge content. The crystal was(More)
The radiation emitted by 855 MeV electrons via planar channeling and volume reflection in a 30.5-μm-thick bent Si crystal has been investigated at the MAMI (Mainzer Mikrotron) accelerator. The spectral intensity was much more intense than for an equivalent amorphous material, and peaked in the MeV range in the case of channeling radiation. Differently from(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the distribution of work-related psychosocial risk factor scores in four companies according to the personal and occupational characteristics of the workers. METHODS Cross-sectional study of a sample of 890 workers in four companies who participated in this study voluntarily. The overall response rate was 34.5%. A self-administrated(More)
In modern times, Pythagoras' teaching became a paradigm for esotericism. But obscurity was already recognized by ancient authors as a distinctive feature both of the master's speech and of the transmission of his reserved knowledge to the initiate. Within Pythagorean circles, the authority of the founder was acknowledged by a phrase grown proverbial: " He(More)
The radiation emitted by 120  GeV/c electrons traversing a single bent crystal under multiple volume reflection orientation is investigated. Multiple volume reflection in one crystal occurs as a charged particle impacts on a bent crystal at several axial channeling angles with respect to a crystal axis. The resulting energy-loss spectrum of electrons was(More)
The usage of a crystalline undulator (CU) has been identified as a promising solution for generating powerful and monochromatic γ -rays. A CU was fabricated at Sensors and Semiconductors Lab (SSL) through the grooving method, i.e., by the manufacturing of a series of periodical grooves on the major surfaces of a crystal. The CU was extensively characterized(More)
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