Aurélien A. L. Nicolet

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When light interacts with metal surfaces, it excites electrons, which can form propagating excitation waves called surface plasmon polaritons. These collective electronic excitations can produce strong electric fields localized to subwavelength distance scales1, which makes surface plasmon polaritons interesting for several applications. Many of these(More)
Magneto-Raman-scattering experiments from the surface of graphite reveal novel features associated to purely electronic excitations which are observed in addition to phonon-mediated resonances. Graphene-like and graphite domains are identified through experiments with ∼1  μm spatial resolution performed in magnetic fields up to 32 T. Polarization resolved(More)
We report a comprehensive study of the tuning with electric fields of the resonant magneto-exciton optical phonon coupling in gated graphene. For magnetic fields around B ∼ 25 T that correspond to the range of the fundamental magneto-phonon resonance, the electron-phonon coupling can be switched on and off by tuning the position of the Fermi level in order(More)
The Aharonov-Bohm effect in ring structures in the presence of electronic correlation and disorder is an open issue. We report novel oscillations of a strongly correlated exciton pair, similar to a Wigner molecule, in a single nanoquantum ring, where the emission energy changes abruptly at the transition magnetic field with a fractional oscillation period(More)
We study single dibenzoterrylene molecules in an anthracene single crystal at 1.4 K in two insertion sites at 785.1 and 794.3 nm. The single-molecule zero-phonon lines are narrow (about 30 MHz), intense (the detected fluorescence rates at saturation reach 100,000 counts s(-1)), and very photostable. The intersystem-crossing yield is extremely low (10(-7) or(More)
We present a spectroscopic study of terrylene in anthracene crystals at the ensemble and single-molecule levels. In this matrix, single-molecule fluorescence is reduced by three orders of magnitude. Correlation measurements allow us to identify a new relaxation channel, matrix-enhanced intersystem crossing. This process starts with a singlet-to-triplet(More)
We present a spectroscopic study of the properties of the two principal insertion sites (at 785.1 and 794.3 nm) of single dibenzoterrylene molecules in anthracene single crystals at cryogenic temperatures. We measured the temperature dependence of the line width, the orientation of the transition dipole moments, and the Stark effect. We performed molecular(More)
In the present paper, we show that it is possible to use a periodic structure of disconnected elements (e.g. a line of rods) to guide electromagnetic waves, in the direction of the periodicity. To study such segmented waveguides, we use the concept of quasimodes associated to complex frequencies. The numerical determination of quasimodes is based on a(More)
We report on spectroscopic studies of resonances related to ladder of states of a charged exciton in single GaAlAs/AlAs quantum dot structures. Polarization-resolved photoluminescence, photoluminescence excitation and photon-correlation measurements were performed at low (T  =  4.2 K) temperature also in magnetic field applied in Faraday configuration. The(More)
We studied charge transport in a field-effect transistor based on an anthracene crystal by single-molecule spectroscopy at cryogenic temperatures. When applying a control voltage to the gate, source and drain electrodes, we observe spectral drifts of the probe molecules' lines, which follow strongly non-exponential (stretched) kinetics, from seconds to tens(More)