Aurélie Wahlen

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Memory verification is crucial for meaningful behavior. Orbitofrontal damage may impair verification and induce confabulation and inappropriate acts. The strategic retrieval account explains this state by deficient monitoring of memories' precise content, whereas the reality filter hypothesis explains it by a failure of an orbitofrontal mechanism(More)
Raclopride, a highly selective D2-dopamine receptor antagonist, was administered in doses up to 4 mg b.i.d. to ten schizophrenic patients in an open label non-comparative study lasting 4 weeks. Safety, tolerability, potential antipsychotic effect, prolactin response and drug effect on plasma homovanillic acid were evaluated. Central D2-dopamine receptor(More)
Raclopride, a new potential antipsychotic drug, with high selectivity and affinity for central D2-dopamine receptors, was in this first human study administered to 8 healthy male volunteers in single oral doses from 0.1 to 16 mg. Two subjects, known to be slow metabolizers of debrisoquine, were also included. Pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerability, and(More)
The tolerability and pharmacokinetics of remoxipride were studied in 18 healthy normal male volunteers. Increasing oral doses of 0.5-100 mg were given to eight male volunteers in one study (study I). In addition, an intravenous (IV) infusion of 20 mg remoxipride and a 20 mg oral dose were given in an open crossover study to ten males (study II). Remoxipride(More)
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