Aurélie Vandevoorde

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One hundred and twenty four daily meals collected in three areas of Belgium were analysed for their content of several metals. The following median values for 24-hr intakes were found: cadmium, 15 micrograms; lead, 95.7 micrograms; manganese, 2.6 mg; copper, 1.3 mg; chromium, 0.24 mg; mercury, 6.5 micrograms; calcium, 541 mg; zinc, 13.2 mg; arsenic, 11.5(More)
The subcellular localization of superoxide dismutase was investigated in rat liver homogenates. Most of the superoxide dismutase activity is present in the soluble fraction (84%), the rest being associated with mitochondria. No indications for the occurrence of superoxide dismutase in other subcellular structures, particularly in peroxisomes, was found.(More)
Costimulation via the B7/CD28 pathway is an important signal for the activation of T cells. Maximal inhibition of T-cell activation and the induction of alloantigen-specific nonresponsiveness in vitro was achieved using anti-CD80 monoclonal antibody (mAb) in combination with cyclosporin A (CsA). Based on this knowledge, the efficacy of the prophylactic(More)
BACKGROUND Sensorineural complications of stapes surgery are rare but potentially serious. Imaging is usually performed to identify an underlying cause, such as excessive intravestibular penetration of the prosthesis or pneumolabyrinth suggesting perilymphatic fistula. Unfortunately, there is very little data in an unselected series of uneventful(More)
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