Aurélie Terrier

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The characterization of the fire regime in the boreal forest rarely considers spatial attributes other than fire size. This study investigates the spatial attributes of fires using the physiography of the landscape as a spatial constraint at a regional scale. Using the Canadian National Fire Database, the size, shape, orientation and eccentricity were(More)
This paper describes the development of a polyimide-based MEMS strain-sensing device. Finite element analysis was used to investigate an artificial knee implant and assist on device design and to optimize sensing characteristics. The sensing element of the device was fabricated using polyimide micromachining with embedded thin-metallic wires and placed into(More)
Old-growth forests play a decisive role in preserving biodiversity and ecological functions. In an environment frequently disturbed by fire, the importance of old-growth forests as both a carbon stock as well as a source of emissions when burnt is not fully understood. Here, we report on carbon accumulation with time since the last fire (TSF) in the(More)
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