Aurélie Névéol

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BACKGROUND Due to the high cost of manual curation of key aspects from the scientific literature, automated methods for assisting this process are greatly desired. Here, we report a novel approach to facilitate MeSH indexing, a challenging task of assigning MeSH terms to MEDLINE citations for their archiving and retrieval. METHODS Unlike previous methods(More)
This paper presents the results of the WMT16 shared tasks, which included five machine translation (MT) tasks (standard news, IT-domain, biomedical, multimodal, pronoun), three evaluation tasks (metrics, tuning, run-time estimation of MT quality), and an automatic post-editing task and bilingual document alignment task. This year, 102 MT systems from 24(More)
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This paper reports on the 3rd CLEFeHealth evaluation lab, which continues our evaluation resource building activities for the medical domain. In this edition of the lab, we focus on easing patients and nurses in authoring, understanding, and accessing eHealth information. The 2015 CLEFeHealth evaluation lab was structured into two tasks, focusing on(More)
We present our participation in Task 1a of the 2013 CLEFeHEALTH Challenge, whose goal was the identification of disorder named entities from electronic medical records. We developed a supervised CRF model that based on a rich set of features learns to predict disorder named entities. The CRF system uses external knowledge from specialized biomedical(More)
The amount of health information available on the Internet is considerable. In this context, several health gateways have been developed. Among them, CISMeF (Catalogue and Index of Health Resources in French) was designed to catalogue and index health resources in French. The goal of this article is to describe the various enhancements to the MeSH thesaurus(More)
This paper describes the application of an ensemble of indexing and classification systems, which have been shown to be successful in information retrieval and classification of medical literature, to a new task of assigning ICD-9-CM codes to the clinical history and impression sections of radiology reports. The basic methods used are: a modification of the(More)
BACKGROUND To assist with the development of a French online quality-controlled health gateway(CISMeF), an automatic indexing tool assigning MeSH descriptors to medical text in French was created. The French Multi-Terminology Indexer (FMTI) relies on a multi-terminology approach involving four prominent medical terminologies and the mappings between them.(More)
The biomedical scientific literature is a rich source of information not only in the English language, for which it is more abundant, but also in other languages, such as Portuguese, Spanish and French. We present the first freely available parallel corpus of scientific publications for the biomedical domain. Documents from the ”Biological Sciences” and(More)
Information processing algorithms require significant amounts of annotated data for training and testing. The availability of such data is often hindered by the complexity and high cost of production. In this paper, we investigate the benefits of a state-of-the-art tool to help with the semantic annotation of a large set of biomedical queries. Seven(More)