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The occurrences of two recurrent motifs in ribosomal RNA sequences, the Kink-turn and the C-loop, are examined in crystal structures and systematically compared with sequence alignments of rRNAs from the three kingdoms of life in order to identify the range of the structural and sequence variations. Isostericity Matrices are used to analyze structurally the(More)
All pairwise interactions occurring between bases which could be detected in three-dimensional structures of crystallized RNA molecules are annotated on new planar diagrams. The diagrams attempt to map the underlying complex networks of base-base interactions and, especially, they aim at conveying key relationships between helical domains: co-axial(More)
Internal ribosome entry sites (IRESs) facilitate an alternative, end-independent pathway of translation initiation. A particular family of dicistroviral IRESs can assemble elongation-competent 80S ribosomal complexes in the absence of canonical initiation factors and initiator transfer RNA. We present here a cryo-EM reconstruction of a dicistroviral IRES(More)
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