Aurélie Le Thuaut

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BACKGROUND & AIMS We assessed the prevalence and risk factors of malnutrition in elderly cancer patients. METHODS We studied a prospective cohort of solid cancer patients aged ≥70 years at referral to two geriatric oncology clinics between 2007 and 2010. Nutrition was evaluated using the Mini-Nutritional Assessment (MNA) using validated cut-offs (<17:(More)
To identify the underlying subtypes of hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), we performed latent class analysis on prospective clinical data of 618 consecutive patients seen between 2002 and 2010. The median patient age was 31 years (Q1=26; Q3=38), median age at HS onset was 20 years (16-25), and median Sartorius score was 18 (11-19); 34.4% of patients were of(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality prediction is crucial to select the optimal treatment in elderly cancer patients. Our objective was to identify cancer-related factors and Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) findings associated with 1-year mortality in elderly inpatients and outpatients with cancer. METHODS We prospectively included patients aged ≥70 years who(More)
BACKGROUND Norepinephrine is a key drug for treating shock but has a short half-life that requires continuous intravenous administration to maintain the constant plasma concentration needed to obtain a stable blood pressure. The small volume of the syringes used in power infusion pumps requires frequent changeovers, which can lead to norepinephrine flow(More)
Importance In the intensive care unit (ICU), orotracheal intubation can be associated with increased risk of complications because the patient may be acutely unstable, requiring prompt intervention, often by a practitioner with nonexpert skills. Video laryngoscopy may decrease this risk by improving glottis visualization. Objective To determine whether(More)
The ratio of early transmitral blood flow velocity over tissue Doppler early diastolic mitral annulus velocity (E/e') was found unreliable for estimating pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP) in patients with decompensated systolic heart failure (HF). The objective of this study was to test its reliability in stable HF. Therefore, 130 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with brain injury are at high risk of extubation failure. METHODS We conducted a prospective observational cohort study in four intensive care units of three university hospitals. The aim of the study was to create a score that could predict extubation success in patients with brain injury. RESULTS A total of 437 consecutive patients(More)
Non-segmental vitiligo (NSV) is an enigmatic disease with various clinical courses. To empirically identify underlying subtypes of NSV, we performed latent class analysis (LCA) of 717 consecutive patients with NSV seen between 2006 and 2012 and were analyzed. Median age was 32 yrs (14-45), median age at NSV onset was 18 yrs (8-32), and median NSV duration 5(More)
Although end-stage renal disease related to AA amyloidosis nephropathy is well characterized, there are limited data concerning patient and graft outcome after renal transplantation. We performed a multicentric retrospective survey to assess the graft and patient survival in 59 renal recipients with AA amyloidosis. The recurrence rate of AA amyloidosis(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS We determined the prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in geriatric rehabilitation patients to compare neuropsychiatric symptoms between patients with and without dementia, and to evaluate associations linking severity of cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric symptoms. METHODS In February 2009, we studied patients aged 75 years or(More)