Aurélie Jeandron

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the global prevalence of handwashing with soap and derive a pooled estimate of the effect of hygiene on diarrhoeal diseases, based on a systematic search of the literature. METHODS Studies with data on observed rates of handwashing with soap published between 1990 and August 2013 were identified from a systematic search of PubMed,(More)
BACKGROUND The eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been identified as endemic areas for cholera transmission, and despite continuous control efforts, they continue to experience regular cholera outbreaks that occasionally spread to the rest of the country. In a region where access to improved water sources is particularly poor,(More)
The importance of hands in the transmission of soil transmitted helminths, especially Ascaris and Trichuris infections, is under-researched. This is partly because of the absence of a reliable method to quantify the number of eggs on hands. Therefore, the aim of this study was to develop a method to assess the number of Ascaris eggs on hands and determine(More)
2 Contents Acknowledgements 6 Acronyms 7 Executive Summary 8 1 Introduction 13 1.1 Aims of the WASH evidence paper 13 1.2 Interpreting the evidence on WASH 14 1.3 Review methods 15 2 Progress on WASH 19 2.1 Global progress 20 2.2 Regional progress 23 2.3 Disparities in progress and access 24 3 How WASH impacts health and well-being 29 3.1 Towards a(More)
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